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Liss Soda Chargers - 10 Pack

Out of stock

10 Liss CO2 chargers.

Soda Chargers Taste the refreshing difference! Our CO2 Chargers are filled with 100% pure and natural CO2 coming out of the wells near our factory, Liss CO2 Chargers are made of 100% recyclable steel, they are lacquered or anodized, not refillable and contain approx. 8 grams of pure natural CO2. More details about CO2: CO2 or Carbon Dioxide is an odorless, colorless, non inflammable gas with a light sour taste, it does not contain any minerals, salts or other solid ingredients. CO2 is used worldwide for food preparation, deep freezing and as a propellant for carbonated drinks. In order to get approx. 8 grams of CO2 into such a small steel container, we use high pressure (approx. 60 bars/ 900 psi). This is no problem for our high grade steel chargers (which would actually withstand about 8 times this pressure), but for your own safety we recommend that you do not expose the chargers to temperatures above 50°C / 122°F. For the same reasons, we also recommend to avoid any excessive mechanical-, chemical- or radiological impact on the chargers when they are under pressure. Product Features: - Article: 2301 - Capacity: 10,7 ml - Box/cardboard: 36 - Weight/cardboard: 11.0 kg - Size/cardboard: 24x19x21 cm Shipping: Same day dispatch if order before 3pm. For more info and products check out quickwhip.com.au

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